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My name is Michael Snow the owner of Snowman's Lock and Key of Phoenix and I am a fairly new resident in this great state of Arizona. I had another mobile locksmith business in California that ran a solid 8 years before I relocated here to Phoenix, I have opened up this local mobile locksmith service here in August of 2015, I am here to fulfill My American dream of building a new family business to serve this great community with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and  security. I can guarantee the most reliable and competitive prices in the market of locksmith's. I have noticed some of my colleagues are advertising low prices but only to find out they aren't accurate prices you can count on.... Snowman's Lock and Key of Phoenix will give you actual prices and no hidden costs.

Quick, Reliable Service

I am a locksmith that understands in this industry that when customers call Us they already are in position that they're frustrated about the lock issue they are experiencing. In most of these cases time and saving money are at a high value and here at Snowman's Lock and Key of Phoenix we will go above and beyond to get these issues resolved in a timely matter but maintain a high quality service that you can depend on at a competitive price!  

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are a family owned and operated business, Meaning we will do whatever we can to accommodate your lock needs and treat you like the friendly neighbor next door, Most locksmith companies are business models that are over priced and not very compassionate, understanding or friendly and in some cases are misleading to make a profit. we take you very seriously! I have been doing locksmithing since 2003 and still I am learning 15 years later, but you can have 100% confidence we guarantee our work and will back you up on every job we do!   


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